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Jefferson Bank was organized and incorporated in Missouri on July 20, 1892 and was one of the earliest neighborhood banks in the City of Saint Louis. The bank's first location was at the Northwest corner of Jefferson and Franklin (now known as Martin Luther King Drive). Over the last century Jefferson Bank and Trust has earned an enviable reputation for providing excellent service to small businesses throughout the Saint Louis Metropolitan area. The foundation of prudent fiscal policy has served the bank well and provided for sound growth.

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Jefferson Bank was organized by a group of local businessmen on July 20, 1892.

Jefferson Bank survived the 1907 Banker's panic with deposits at a record low of $440.50 on October 19, 1909 and responded by opening a savings department. By October of 1915 deposits had grown to $415,000 and by October of 1921 deposits were $1,154,000.

In January of 1922, ground was broken for Jefferson Bank's first new banking house at the Northeast corner of Jefferson and Franklin. This new building featured a Safe Deposit Department inside a modern vault with a capacity of 4000 safety deposit boxes.

Jefferson Bank survived the Stock Market Crash of 1929 and the bank deposit runs of 1933, reopening after the "Bank Holiday." On June 5, 1933 the Board of Directors voted that Jefferson Bank avail itself of the full rights allowed to banks in the state of Missouri, and to exercise all powers granted to trust companies under the laws of the state. Official certification of Jefferson Bank and Trust Company's new name was received on June 20, 1933.

By 1942 total assets of the Bank stood at $4,000,000 and grew to $10,000,000 by 1945.

On April 2, 1956, Jefferson Bank and Trust Company celebrated the opening of the first new bank building constructed in the City of Saint Louis since 1928. This modern building was located at 2600 Washington on the corner of Washington, Jefferson, and Locust featuring four drive-in banking windows and walk-up and drive-up night depositories. During 1956 the bank grew to $22,000,000 in assets and exceeded $52,000,000 during 1963.

On December 31, 1976 Jefferson Bank and Trust Company's total assets were $108,000,000 and on March 14, 1977 the 2301 Market Street Jefferson Bank and Trust Company building opened for business.

The owners of Jefferson Bank and Trust Company purchased Eureka Bank in Eureka, Missouri in 1968. They changed the name to Jefferson Bank of Saint Louis County in 1984. These two banks were merged on February 1, 1989 and combined assets approached $200,000,000. During April of 1990 a new bank building was opened in Eureka at the entrance to The Legends, underscoring Jefferson Bank and Trust Company's commitment to the Eureka community.

In August of 1990, a new 10,000 square foot bank building was opened in Creve Coeur in the Heritage Place Shopping Center at the corner of Olive Boulevard and Ross Road. On December 31, 1990 total assets of the bank were $221,000,000.

In December of 1997, Jefferson Bank and Trust Company opened a new location in Concord Village at Lindbergh and Baptist Church Roads in the Southfield Shopping Center. At years end, total assets were $441,000,000 and increased to $552,000,000 at the close of 1999.

In August of 2004, the newest Jefferson Bank location is opened at 4190 Highway K, O'Fallon, MO 63366.

Looking forward...

The officers, employees, and directors of Jefferson Bank and Trust Company extend our thanks to current customers for their past patronage and friendship. If you are not a customer, please accept our invitation to experience the level of customer service that has made possible the significant growth and success of Jefferson Bank and Trust over the last century. The Officers and Employees take pride in providing customers with prudent financial direction, counseling and guidance. Customer relationships are Jefferson's most important assets and we do not treat them lightly. Visit any of our convenient locations and see for yourself.

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